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OPINION|| This Petrol Attendant is Wearing A Mask, LOOK MORE CLOSER

As everyone probably knows by now, we're living in the covid-19 days, whereby the human race is faced with a deadly virus that's threatening the existence of humankind for the first time since the swine flu days.

This covid-19 virus first started in China and fast forward 2 years later, it exists in every around the world. This virus has forced countries to be on lockdowns, as a measure to try and contain the virus as much as possible.

On top of that, we're all required to wear masks to prevent the spread of this airborne virus, which scientists describe as being tricky, amongst its many characteristics.

Now recently there's been an image making rounds on the social media streets showing a petrol attendant wearing a very unusual mask that people aren't used to. The mask makes the petrol attendant look like he's not wearing a mask at all, because its shaped similar to the lower part of his face.

Now ever since covid-19 striked our scenes back in 2020, tons of masks have been created with different designs and colours to fully exploit the market that the virus has created. Well to be honest, most of the masks that people see on a daily basis are just the same with no much difference, just the colour only.

This mask of this petrol is just something that's totally out of this world, at first you'd think that he's not wearing a mask at all but after looking more closely at him, you'd realise he's definitely wearing a mask. This is one of the creative masks out there and much big-ups to the designer who created this because its really awesome.


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