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KZN’s low number of fully vaccinated citizens remains a worry

DURBAN - The Department of Health has raised worry over the low number of individuals in the province who have received all of their recommended vaccinations.

Dr. Sandile Tshabalala, the department's director in KwaZulu-Natal, said that only about 767 000 individuals had received a complete vaccination.

"We are dissatisfied with the result. "Despite the fact that about 2 641 000 people have been immunized, only approximately 767 000 have been completely vaccinated," he added.

It was anticipated that 7.2 million individuals would be vaccinated by March of next year, in order to establish herd immunity.

Registrar in public health medicine Dr Velile Ngidi believes that the poor attendance at vaccination locations may be due to individuals spreading false information on social media platforms such as Facebook. Seven out of ten individuals in the country, on the other hand, were pleased with their vaccination.

Approximately 10-15 percent of individuals are still uncertain whether or not to be vaccinated, according to the researchers. In addition, Ngidi estimates that 10 percent of the population is still opposed to vaccination.

In her opinion, the 10 million individuals who had been vaccinated throughout the country should urge others to do so by combating disinformation that vaccinations are a death sentence, such as the false claim that they are.

While it is still possible to get and transmit the Covid-19 virus even after being vaccinated, immunization reduces the likelihood of becoming hospitalized or dying as a result of the virus.

"The Australian Health Products Regulatory Authority has been investigating, and they have assured us that the reported fatalities were not caused by the Covid vaccinations."

Tshabalala predicted that the province will be out of the third wave in the near future. In the King Cetshwayo district, a drive-through immunization program has proven to be quite effective.

"We targeted those who came off work late, so they didn't even have to get out of their vehicles to receive the vaccine," said Penny Msimango, acting deputy director-general for specialist services and clinical support services. "We didn't even have to get out of their cars to get the vaccine," she said.

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