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“They Are Selling Vaccine Certificates At Corner Kerk And Nugget”. 😳🇿🇦

While a radio station was discussing the topics of covid 19 and all vaccination related issues, a listener called in with some shocking news.

The listener revealed that there were individuals selling fake vaccination certificates at corner Kerk and Nugget streets.

This is shocking news because vaccination certificates are for free and are widely and easily available for individuals to download on their cellphones.

All that is needed to get a vaccination certificate is for the person the get the actual vaccine.

It is dangerous for individuals to do this because it gives a false impression that a lot of people have received the vaccine by showing the vaccine certificates, while the certificates are indeed fake.

Something similar was discovered earlier, where individuals would sell fake covid 19 results without actually testing the patient.

This gives a false number to the statistics, refrein from getting into such activities because it is illegal and can get you arrested.

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