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Is South Africa Ready For Level 1? This Graph Reveals Everything

Date: 23/09/21



It's been over 4 months since South Africa enjoyed the spoils of level 1 of the lockdown. It is known countywide that this lockdown level comes with more freedom like alcohol being sold every single day as normal and curfew being moved to midnight. For the past weeks, it has been impossible for Cyril Ramaphosa to implement level 1 but as the country has been on level 2 for a while, one graph reveals it all.


The graph of the current infections in the country is used to describe whether the behaviour of the current wave of the coronavirus. It is used to see whether or not the country has left the of virus or now. What can be seen is the fact that South Africa has passed the peak of the third wave of infections and slowly moving down.

It was stuck in the middle for the past few weeks, hence the delay to move to level 2. But now it clearly shows that the wave is almost reached its low. This shows how South African is ready to move to lower levels of the lockdown as it's obvious the third wave is almost defeated.


I can assume that the next few days will be very important for the country. The National Coronavirus Command Council has already seen that the cases are reducing. They are likely to make the decision to move to level 1. South Africans must actually expect it in the next address by the president. It is not known when the address will happen exactly but it's good news all the way.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think it's safe now to move to lower lockdown levels or is it too early?

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