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“You should Stop Wearing Your mask”- The Famous Prophet Sends a Strong Warning to the Public

Sometimes being overly careful is not good. We tried very hard to protect ourselves from the Corona virus in a way that we eventually injured ourselves. A few weeks ago, we heard that a woman was burning her body while trying to evaporate for fear of the virus. We have seen many stories of different side effects occurring as people try to protect themselves from the virus.

 Just as the government urges people to take all precautionary measures, dressing is necessary, and cleaning is a precaution we take almost every day of our lives, so we consider this new habit.

 Following this new normal, the famous prophet warned people to stop wearing their masks for the entire 24 hours as it is not good for their health. A mask prevents you from getting fresh oxygen, and if you wear it for too long, it can damage your lungs because they lack oxygen. Yes, you need to wear your mask, but sometimes when you are alone, you need to remove it and get some fresh air.

 "I still advise you to stop wearing your mask 24 hours a day. You need fresh air. Only wear it when you need it. You can't walk alone on the streets. to be alone, wear a mask over your nose and breathe in the same air for several hours. You are literally sick. "The prophet tweeted.

 We should also warn our seniors to stop wearing a mask when they are alone, because as they get older, their organs also start to weaken, so if an older person is not breathe fresh oxygen for a long time, it can lead to various lung diseases.


 The government should make programs about recognizing this precautionary measure because of the way people are afraid of the virus they are panicking about. Even excessive use of sanitizer is not good for your skin. People should stop cleaning their hands every 2 minutes. Sanitary ones have a long lasting time on the labels, so you should read them and clean them only after the said time.


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