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South Africans gets Anxious: waiting for COVID-19 results of the Indian woman who tested positive


South Africans have been anxious since the news of a lady who traveled from India to South Africa tested positive. With the current state of South Africans infections on the Covid-19, many people are now worried that this could mean that SA will be in deep trouble and more death will be recorded becuse of this one particular person.

As I was listening to news in the morning, the Indian health Professor indicated that they are taking this matter seriously and that even with the third wave facing India, this should not be death sentence to people, people are warned to remain calm and continue with their daly duties as always .

In South Africa, the health experts were still trying to test the Covid-19 that this woman contracted and trying to find out how variant it is from the current virus we are facing . The government is being held responsible as people think that the borders shwoukd have been closed since we are in level one.

There has been some kind on unsettling with this breaking news , Mzansi are now fearing for their lives more than ever as it is believed that the third wave is more dangerous than 1st and second wave . People are urged to taking all Precautions when comes to the regulations of the use of Masks and sanitizers.

South Africa is still battling with the vaccination of the health care workers. It is reported that we might have to wait a little bit longer before the vaccine to vaccinate everyone is being delivered as there is a backlog since another variant was found on the J&J vaccine.

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