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It seems we may have a reason to be worried. More cases of Monkeypox are being reported around world

One would think that with all these scientific advancements and technology we will have a handle on the disease outbreaks. Scientists use the most advanced technologies but somehow pandemics still happen.

Just when the world is trying to move on from the coronavirus pandemic, it seems we might have another reason to be worried. Although it is not on a larger scale like with the coronavirus.

More countries are reporting cases of Monkeypox, with the latest being Mexico. A US citizen has been diagnosed with the disease and is in isolation.

According to scientists, Monkeypox is not as deadly, it has a mortality rate of 4 percent. So far more than 240 cases have been reported but with zero deaths.

Monkeypox is similar to smallpox but less severe. It is believed that a vaccine of smallpox is 85 percent effective against Monkeypox but scientists advised that a mass vaccination is not necessary, at least not yet.


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