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African Healers Association speaks about ‘sudden’ spotlight on Sangomas

The African National Healers Association's Dr. Zukiswa Mvoko (Mkhulu Majola) believes that the gift of ubungoma has been undervalued and thinks it needless to broadcast traditional healing on television. When asked about the prevalence of ubongoma programming on networks like Moja Love and Mzansi Magic, Mkhulu Majola claimed the programmes put authenticity in danger. "I don't like how the media has covered the life of sangomas. It casts doubt on the creativity of ubungoma and African healers in general. It is producing greater confusion and segregation among us as Black people as well as those who are figuring out who they are and where their spirituality fits in.

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Mkhulu Majola claimed that witnessing the shows can affect how other people perceive ubungoma since they might not have received advice on their spiritual journey to illuminate what is the right path. We are still subject to colonial supervision, which makes me sad because before, we were labelled "witches" and forbade from doing anything. We were warned not to speak up or make ourselves known as healers. They are now giving us the chance to come out and let the world know who we are and what we do, but it is only available to a limited few.

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It is near or on the verge of being destroyed. Building a kid who doesn't know anything about ubungoma is pointless. People need to ask themselves some very significant questions, according to her, regarding why there is a need for reality shows that feature ubungoma. The fact that most of these live performances are run by white people worries me greatly and should serve as a reminder of how important the battle is today. "We healers — most of us who are on the authentic side — appreciate and know what to expose and what to not expose," the speaker said. "It's not yet Uhuru."

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Mkhulu Majola firmly believed that several popular reality shows set on the sangoma are treated too "casually" by the broadcasters and production companies. According to Mkhulu Majola, the present was given carelessly, and there need to be a mechanism to keep it from being widely known. There are Indian shamans, African healers, sangomas, and shamans. There are psychics as well. They're mostly on the western side. Chinese healers exist. There are several kinds of healers, hence the reason why ubungoma is given more attention than the other healers is a mystery.

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The traditional healer stated that she believed there needed to be regulation of the content broadcast in order to maintain the holiness. We healers, who are governed by a federation of healers, are where it all begins. There is no one to whom anybody must answer, so everyone feels free to act however they wish. If you look at the legal and medical professions, you can have your licenses revoked. "The same holds true for us. We require that organization to make decisions on our behalf. While we're at it, I think it would be best if we all worked together to avoid using our great gift for amusement or allowing ourselves to be utilized in these displays.


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