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Mina Nawe House: A man discloses his partners HIV status in front of the entire nation

I will preface this with saying that the Mina Nawe House is meant to be a transparent space. But what happened on tonight's episode, for me, crossed the boundaries of what is and is not appropriate.

South Africa VS HIV/AIDS stigma

South Africa has a rickety history with HIV. For a very long time growing up as a child born in the 1990's, education was geared toward destigmatizing the virus because of the widespread misinformation.

I recall being frustrated at how many times we went through HIV/AIDS during Life Orientation lessons but I credit that as the reason I've always being hypervigilant about all things STD's.

The problem was always the ignorance around the topic and how people treated it. Government tried to mormalize it with PSA campaigns that showed the reality of HIV. Still, it is a deeply personal experience and to have someone else throw that in your face and further expose you on television is a lot.

Ones status should be theirs to disclose

On the season premiere of Mina Nawe House we got to see a gentleman who was very... eager? Keen? Excited? To out his lady's status on the first day and further explain that it is something he does on a near daily basis. It was awful to see.

Sakhike and Sthembile have an age gap between them and differing HIV statuses, something he uses to insult her whenever he hits the bottle. She cried as she spoke about her pain with how he handles the situation. It was heartbreaking to see her break down like that.

Final thoughts

I sincerely hope she's not with that man because she thinks there is no alternative because nothing is worth daily degradation. I don't know if being with someone who makes you cry and injures your soul is worth it. I'm not sure the Mina Nawe House can fix them, not until he understands that her status is not his to divulge. Or that it doesn't make her worth any less than any other person.

Thank you for your time!

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Source: Mina Nawe House on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

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