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Zweli Mkhize - GOOD NEWS | new COVID-19 variant develops ANTIBODIES in South Africans

South African Scientists make very interesting discovery about The new COVID-19 variant in South Africa.

It has been reported that the new COVID-19 variant found in South Africa have finally developed ANTIBODIES that would prevent from further infections of new variants...

This is good news for the millions of South Africans who have been endlessly concerned about when the pandemic would end and what would become of us.

While with thr first COVID-19 wave and the variant that was present at the time, there have been no evidence showing that people developed antibodies.

Likewise people have been infected again at most 3 times already.

And with every reinfection, citizens found that they have even more severe symptoms than the first time they countacted the virus.

This would prove that no antibodies have been built up and there was a huge possibility of reinfection.

The new South African Variant is called 501Y.V2.

This is considered the latest variant in South Africa. The onset of the variant which began in late December 2020, during the second wave of infections... Really caused quite a store globally.

Every country across the globe was notified that South Africa had a very severe strain of a mutated COVID-19 virus.

This had set us back alot as urgent flights and all other international travel was banned to South Africa and even from South Africa. We were not allowed to travel anymore abroad.

People across the globe were concerned that South Africans would transmit the new variant to their countries...

It's really sad knowing that. We were not the country where this has started. While it could have easily been contained in China alone...

Yet it has been reported that 41 other countries across the globe have a similar variant.

Now that scientists understand the COVID-19 new variant a little more theory can work on finding the correct vaccines that would help rid the virus all together.

This research has been done by the Kwazulu-natal Research innovation and sequencing platform.

South African Health Minister, Zweli Mkhize also attending the seminar had reiterated that he is proud of their findings and congratulated them by saying that South Africa has emerged as one of the global leaders in surveillance genomics.

We remain hopeful that the fight to cure Covid-19 will not go in vain. Its due time we got our lives back to normal..

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