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“I Want People to Look at Me and Realise That HIV/AIDS doesn’t Limit One to Live Their Lives” Tshepi

When word got around that you were HIV +, people would naturally stay away from you. Numerous persons living with HIV have historically been the target of discrimination and mockery. Many people who were HIV-positive and revealed their status to the world committed themselves as a result of the widespread rejection and scorn they received. People's desire to hide their socioeconomic status can be traced back to the fear of being judged harshly because of it.

People's preconceived notions about those living with HIV, such as that they all die young and are somehow set off from the rest of society, have been disproved as they learn more. People who test positive for HIV are increasingly accepted and tolerated in society, and the associated stigma and discrimination have largely faded. Previously, users were hesitant to share personal updates publicly, but today, they do so without hesitation.

It makes me think of an incredible true story I read not so long ago about a young woman who opted to publicly disclose her HIV status. As an advocate for those living with HIV, she disclosed her status to her loved ones. Tshepang Mobee, a 23-year-old HIV/AIDS activist, is a strong voice for the cause. She has gotten over her previous self-loathing and thinks everyone else should do the same. However, Tshepiso was born with HIV and didn't learn of her status until she was 13 years old. She, too, denied her illness at first, but came to terms with it later.

Tshepiso has over 75,000 social media followers and has traveled the world to encourage others to rise above difficult situations. She frequently expresses her desire for other young people living with HIV to see her and feel supported. Because of her, countless individuals have regained confidence and learned to accept their situations. She is also one of the most beautiful ladies Wylie will ever see; despite the fact that her male admirers are well aware of her celebrity status, they nevertheless drool over her everytime she posts a snapshot of herself online.

blessing Ramoba has recently shared images of herself online. He referred to one of her favorite ways to talk about her accomplishments. After he posted her picture online, many people were taken aback. It was unthinkable that such a stunning beauty could be HIV positive. Some have even gone as far as saying that her beauty alone would make them interested in dating her regardless of her socioeconomic status.

Having HIV or AIDS gives others the impression that you are disgusting, even if this is obviously not the case. Tshepang shows that being HIV positive doesn't isolate you from the rest of society. Becoming a lighthouse is never too late.


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