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Ways automatic thoughts can control your back pain.

In this short report; how the mind affects the body when it comes to back pain and our perception of pain.

 This is not true in all cases, but in some cases I think it needs to be addressed and analyzed. Is pain real in all cases of "back pain" or is that part of it could be due to the idea that our mind affects our pain? Let's start by looking at a sample of back pain patients who might fit into this category of back pain.

 Our mind works constantly. It takes information and evaluates the information about what happens about us. What is happening inside and around you?

 Most of our thoughts occur outside of our awareness, these thoughts are called automatic thoughts, this means they are subconscious, meaning you probably don't even realize they are happening right away), but they also turn out to be very credible. These thoughts influence how we feel and therefore how we behave. 

As we learn later, they also influence our pain. These thoughts turn out to be positive or negative. Positive thoughts will reflect reality, they will also help us solve problems, as well as face realities. Negative thoughts on the other hand, distort reality, create heavy emotions (such as depression, anxiety and fear), they also increase the pain you feel.

 Research has shown that when we are under stress we tend to have negative thoughts. These thoughts are irrational and adaptive. Unfortunately, just having a bad back tends to be stressful. 

Then in our minds we start to have maladaptive and irrational thoughts. It is a part feeling and part emotional process that we go through every day. You may have already started some of the self-remembering negative thoughts; 

.My pain is going to get worse and worse. My back pain is ruining my life. 

.My pain will never get better.

. I'm not going to be able to enjoy the things that I once enjoyed. 

It's amazing that just reading this list puts us in a negative emotional state and stress. When you repeat statements like this in your head, it makes them more and more credible.

Once you take a look at some of these claims you are making and carefully evaluate them, you will find that it is not true.

 Negative automatic statements just make us more helpless, helpless, and sadder. "Pain can only be endured and overcome if it is embraced. Denied or feared, it grows." 

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