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Checkout What Happened To These Female Nurses (Video)

Most people appear to have forgotten about the issue of transportation in our rural communities.

These and a few other factors contribute to why a large number of residents begin to explore for other options if they are assigned to serve in such communities.

We frequently hear of Tertiary students who have been sent to such locations choosing for reposting due to the lack of such amenities.

A number of nurses were seen being transported by a bike with a few items, according to a video trending online that appears to be funny but conveys a lot of information.

The tricycle rolled over a board on the path in the middle of their ride, spilling all of their belongings into the undergrowth.

Health-related issues should not be taken lightly, as even the smallest blunder could put people's lives in jeopardy.

To view the video, please click on the link below.

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