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Fordward with flattening the curve for NGOs

With the current global pandemic on the rise and our economy slowly falling into a downturn, our focus should also shift towards NGOs that need our communal help with donations, food, warmth and security just as much as we so fortunately have.

Following motor company Ford South Africa, the company has loaned vehicles to the Gift of the Givers Foundation, allowing the foundation to provide medical assistance to those in need, as the foundation itself is having COVID-19 PCR Drive through testings.

I'm sure you've pondered: "How can I help?" as we are all lawfully bound to our comfortable houses, here are 5 local charities that you can assist in these troubling times.

1- Coronacare for South Africa

Launched on the 16th of March 2020 as an organisation connecting individuals to NPOs supporting those in need as as result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

What's needed: Non-perishable foods, staple food items, cash-donations, hand sanitizers and soap, toilet paper and disinfectants.

Who the goods will be given to: Orphanages, schools, old-age homes, soup kitchens in Alexandra township.

Where to donate: Coronacare South Africa website

2- Feed SA

Founded in 2000 with three main goals:



3-Help develop underprivileged communities.

In response to the pandemic, Feed SA has created a COVID-19 Action Plan targeted at helping those who will be impacted the hardest.

With R480, this amount can sustain a family of four for two weeks.

Whats needed: Cash-donations which will buy bulk packages of non-perishable foods, personal hygiene items and household essentials.

Who the goods will go to: The aim is to provide for 5 000 households in Alexandra township.

Where to donate: Payfast on

3- Gift of the Givers

Africa's largest disaster response NGO, provides those in need with life-saving goods and on-the-ground support. As a result of the outbreak, Gift of the Givers will support those on the frontlines- doctors, nurses and medical staff.

Whats needed: Cash-donations which will buy medical equipment and supplies as well as safety equipment.

Who the goods will go to: Doctors, nurses, medical staff.

Where to donate:

4- Angels Care Center

An NGO providing services to children in infromal KZN in the uMngeni municipal area- which includes preschool education, a feeding scheme, healthcare programmes and a relief center for children who are victims of Gender Based Violence.

In light of the pandemic the school has to unfortunately close, however the center will still be dropping food packages off to 100 children under 5, with their feeding scheme operating and adhereing to the 100 persons regulation.

Whats needed: Cash- donations or goods, hygiene products, nappiesm baby foods and women's clothing.

Who the goods will go to: Children, young mothers and families who rely on the centers support.

Where to donate:


An organisation that promotes the rights and well-being of every child while focusing on efforts that better their lives.

UNICEF SA hopes to set 10 handwashing stations in informal settlements to safegaurd the health and hygiene security of children and their families.

Whats needed: Cash-donations which buy hand wash stations.

Who the goods will go to: Chidren in informal settlements.


"If you're in the luckiest 1% of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%"~Warren Buffet

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