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What is generally omitted about our blood?

What is generally omitted about our blood?

  • It would take 1,120,000 mosquitoes to drain all the blood from an adult human being.
  • To get the blood circulating, the heart creates such pressure that it can release a blood flow 10 meters high.
  • A human being can live without a pulse. In 2012, doctors installed a device in the body of 55-year-old Craig Lewis, which allows blood to circulate throughout the body without a pulse.
  • Stan Larkin lived 555 days without a heart, waiting to receive a transplant. His own heart was replaced by a smudge device used to carry in his backpack. He could even play basketball.

  • The amount of blood that passes through the body in circulation in 25 days is approximately equal to a medium-sized swimming pool.
  • A person can lose 40% of their blood and still be alive. Of course, a timely blood transfusion is required.
  • 21% of all heart attacks occur on Mondays. A second peak is celebrated on Fridays. Scientists assume that the reason is a "spill" of stress hormones at the beginning of a week.
  • Our heartbeat influences our mood. Scientists studied this phenomenon when a man received a new heart. After the surgery, his mind, feelings, and actions changed in unusual ways.
  • To reduce the risk of heart attack, it is necessary to wake up slowly in the morning and reduce the intensity of evening workouts.
  • coconut water is able to restore blood plasma thanks to its similar compositions.

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