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9 foods affecting cellulite

Read on to know about 9 foods that can prevent and cause cellulite!

Many people depend upon expensive creams to get rid of cellulite. While these products and expensive spa treatments are far from being effective in most cases, people usually tend to forget that the solution to fight cellulite lies in their kitchen itself. Here are the foods that can prevent and result in the appearance of cellulite.

High-sodium foods

Foods with high sodium content such as bacon, processed snacks, chips, Doritos, commercial cake packs such as snack cakes, bagels, French fries, soy sauce, canned soups, deli meats, cheese, and cottage cheese results in water retention and bloating, which makes the cellulite more visible. You can pick a low-sodium version of these foods, or prepare your soups, and eat plenty of hydrating fruits and vegetables to prevent the appearance of dimpled skin.

Sweetened beverages

Aging is one of the reasons resulting in cellulite and cutting back on sugar intake can be highly beneficial to prevent its appearance. So, avoid the consumption of sweetened beverages such as energy drinks, juice, and soda.

Barbeque sauce

It is rich in both sodium and sugar content that can increase weight and result in the appearance of unsightly cellulite.


Pizza is rich in unhealthy fats, which can slow the blood circulation to connective tissues and result in the appearance of dimpled skin.

Margarine and spreads

Most of the commercially available buttery spreads contain hydrogenated vegetable oil and trans-fats that can clog arteries, weaken heart health, and trigger cellulite appearance. You can instead opt for grass-fed butter as it is an excellent source of linoleic acid and helps to speed up the burning of fat.

White flour-based foods

Prevent white bread and other foods containing white flour as this refined carbohydrate damages collagen and worsens cellulite. You should instead opt for whole-grain-based food preparations to improve your health. Buckwheat is a great grain choice that is rich in protein, B vitamins, and fiber.

Fresh herbs

Fresh herbs such as cilantro and parsley detoxify our bodies and get rid of heavy metals that hide in the fat cells. Apart from that, cilantro is highly beneficial to boost immunity,y and parsley acts as a natural diuretic, which in general improves our health.


Omega-3 fatty acids present in nuts improve skin health as it blocks harmful toxins, prevents cellulite and wrinkles, and delays the signs of aging.

Juicy fruits

Grapefruit and lemon are rich in vitamin C that helps to build collagen, prevent cellulite, maintain hydration level, improve metabolism, and make the skin plumper.


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