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These 5 things are called weight loss Suparfoods

Friends, how many efforts we make to lose weight, but sometimes these efforts fall on us, that is, instead of fat loss, necessary weight loss starts, which causes weakness in the body and in such a way, such things are used in the diet It should be done consciously which leads to weight gain. You should eat foods that do not reduce weight. Today we will talk about some food which people also call Weight loss Suparfoods.


In addition to reducing weight, Poha also reduces belly fat rapidly. Putting many vegetables and peanuts in Poha, consuming it also reduces stomach fat, so if you want to lose weight then poha.

2. Sambar 

Idli and sambar, a South Indian dish full of protein, is a very good breakfast and you can make it even healthier by adding different types of vegetables to the sambar.

2. Yogurt (Dahi) 

Consuming curd can reduce hunger levels and reduce craving for chocolate and snacks. Yogurt is helpful in keeping the stomach light and in addition to this, eating curd also keeps the body hydrated.

4. Berries 

Jamuns are very tasty to eat and are liked by everyone. Berries have a nominal calorie along with high amounts of vitamins and minerals and fiber, which can reduce appetite and food intake.

5. Moong Dal Chila Moong dal is packed with good quality protein and protein helps to increase the levels of hunger reducing hormones such as GLP-1, PYY and CCK and also contains plenty of protein which does not cause weakness in the body. And the weight is also controlled.

Friends, if you want to lose weight then definitely eat this food. If you want to lose weight by staying hungry, then it can be harmful. Instead of this, you should eat such food which causes weight loss.

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