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Scientifically proven phenomena for people who are sleepless - ASMR.

The inability to sleep is a huge life barrier for many people around the world. Struggling to sleep can lead to many diseases that could have been easily avoided. For most times, the inability to sleep is associated with a deeper medical problem such as depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders and more. It is basically your body speaking to you and sending a direct message to your brain regarding an underlying more serious problem. Therefore, if it persists, one may need to get proper medical assistance but you may want to try ASMR first.

ASMR is an abbreviated form of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is a recent phenomenon that was discovered in 2010, to date, it has thousands of participants as both listeners and asmr artists world wide via platforms such as YouTube.

In the simplest defination, ASMR is an effective technique that can result to the relaxation of the body/mind by the usage of various hand, sound, body or face gestures that cause a tingly sensation on certain parts of the body like the head, spine and face. It is in fact called a "brain massage".

ASMRtists use distinct techniques to achieve their goal, like mic brushing, mic breathing, talking softly, pretending to massage / softly touch the face of the listener, rub on random objects, tap on different objects, tap around the house and a whole lot more. In 2021, artists within the ASMR community have evolved a lot and use high tech equipments to give their audience the best experience possible.

ASMR is an effective way to end a stressful day and relax or sleep with. One can excess it on YouTube by just using their data and get exposition to one of the scientifically proven brain massages of all time via technology. Famous ASMRTISTS include: "Gibi ASMR" , "ASMR DARLING" and more.

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