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Revealed| something Soweto finally tell people what is the cause behind his weight loss

Some admirers are concerned about the singer's dramatic weight reduction, while others have body shamed him and speculated about his health.

After weeks of speculation, singer and composer Samkelo "Samthing Soweto" Mdolomba has finally responded, claiming that he is not ill but rather undergoing a lifestyle change.

I simply wanted to address the recent occurrence of individuals making comments about my weight and such. "You are correct, Yazi bafethu; I am going through a lot," he says.

"I just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who offered a prayer or a lovely word of support. "Thank you very much."

He added, however, that he is not dying and that the shift is not due to "personal stress."

"I am not going to die." I am okay. He laughed, "I'm not sick."

"I've recently changed my way of life. There are things I no longer do, foods I no longer eat, and physical exercises I engage in on a daily basis. Those events compelled me to change. He says, "I've changed, that's why I look like this."

Samthing Soweto claims he felt compelled to intervene because the situation had gone out of control.

"I wanted to address that and also express my gratitude." I'm going through a lot right now. There are some topics I may not discuss since they are private. However, you're correct.

He went on to thank everyone who had sent him a positive message. "I appreciate everyone who has helped spread the word about me and what's going on, as well as the emails I've gotten. "The messages, DMs, and calls make me feel so wonderful to know that you guys care," he says.

"I am okay. I'm going to be OK. I'm not unwell, but I'm having a difficult time. But one thing is certain: what I'm going through is something that the majority of us go through.

"Thank you for the love and the jokes; everything is OK." I appreciate you include me in your discussions.


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Mdolomba Samkelo Soweto Yazi


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