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OPINION | Why is the government giving away R200 vooma vouchers to the 50+ years only ?

You can now simply present yourself at a vaccination site, even without an appointment where you will be registered and vaccinated. If you are 50+ years you'll then qualify for the Vooma Voucher if it is your first time - South African Government 50 years and above targeted with R100-R200 food vouchers I think I want 500 000 to take a disprin. I find this discriminatory and labelling old people, this is in direct contravention of the older Persons Act, Older Persons Charter and the Bill of Rights. Is it scientifically proven that a person 35 years old with sugar diabetes, high blood pressure and a heart condition less prone to sicknesses then a 60 year old healthy person? I am one of those that are challenging these discriminatory practices. All the 60 years years old are very healthy. I take exception to being labelled as 'high risk.' We have asked an old age facility legal representatives questions in terms of these legal prescriptions and they are now back peddling. I see people only complaining and berating and nobody taking decisive action. My associates and I have decided to change the narrative and not contribute to the story. I urge others to do the same

All the cancer, aids and hiv patients never had this kind of free treatment I begin to wonder. Whats the point for vaccination while people still test positive for covid while vaccinated, was not the vaccine to protect us from covid

This what the government think about the citizens, lucky draw your health away but what the citizens don't realize is that government will steal this money as the winners nobody in Ramaphosa's cabinet think for the poor because the brains not matured yet, shame. It is clear that people don’t want to vaccinate 71% of South Africans haven’t vaccinate. Of those that have, more than 50% of them did so only because of their jobs. These incentives won’t be if any help if you ask me this is sounding quite desperate now. I feel really sorry for the poor people whom you are trying to influence, why cant they use the money to feed the unemployed rather. Seriously, how bizarre though, the government is literally gambling with the life of it's poor desperate needy citizens. People don't need that lunatic draw but proper employment. This is one of the most horrible government in history ad should be recorded in the world Guiness record books

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