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Covid-19| South Africa Has Not see this Happen in over 3 Months, See what Happened

Date: 20/09/21



The country of South Africa has been going through one of its toughest parts when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. It recently came out from level four of the lockdown then went it down to level three.

Now the country is under level 2 of the lowdown because the cases have started going down but many people were not certain if this would last. It is with confidence that we explain just how South Africa has just experienced some very good news.


On Monday the 20th of September, South Africa registered one of the lowest number of fatalities due to the coronavirus in a long time. According to the statistics that have been recorded ever since the pandemic started, the last time South Africa recorded cases of fatalities due to the virus this low, it was back in May.

Ever since the beginning of May, South Africa has been experiencing way too many deaths due to the virus. A total of about 48 people lost their lives due to the coronavirus in the past 24 hours. This goes to show that the efforts that South Africans have been putting together to try and stop the virus from spreading have been working.


This is safe to say that South Africa has been slowly getting over the third wave of infections. At this rate, the country will be entering lower levels such as level one in no time. The president was also heard talking about the ending the lockdown altogether but only when the conditions have been met. This is a huge milestone for South Africa as the third wave has been one of the hardest coronavirus braves since the start of this pandemic.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think that the number of deaths are something worth celebrating?

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