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Suffering with gas and ulcers, boil mango and guava leaves, says Dr Lulu

22 June 2022

Digestive problems makes anyone's life life difficult. You have to be picky about what you eat, where and when you eat. It is limiting and it can reduce quality of life for any person who suffer with digestive sickness.

When Dr Lulu posted on her Facebook page that if you are suffering with 'gases and ulcers, boil mango and guava leaves together. Add natural honey to taste. Take half a cup in the morning and evening on a empty stomach, till symptoms go away'.

I was one of the people who told themselves I was going to try this remedy. And judging from the comments on her post, I am not the only one suffering with problems. People were so eager to try something that doesn't have side effects and that they could prepare it at home and be able to drink it. This because it is natural remedy that has not gone under chemical processing.

Do you suffer with any stomach problems? Would you try this remedy? Do you have any remedies you use to make symptoms go away. Please share your tips.

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