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For some it is a daily habit, for others it is a subject of study. There is a whole science behind laughter examining the good effects of laughter on our minds and bodies. In conclusion? Laughing well on a regular basis is very good for our health. Apparently, it makes us even more interesting!

Do you need more reasons to laugh? Here are five for you along with some funny photos to make your day:

1. Reduce stress. In today's society, stress seems to be everywhere and affects almost everyone. While it's true that adult life comes with a variety of responsibilities, that doesn't mean we shouldn't relax and laugh from time to time. In fact, that's exactly what you should be doing! Laughter lowers the level of cortisol in our blood, which is called the stress hormone. Less cortisol = less stress.

2. Good for the heart. When it comes to keeping our hearts healthy, apart from all the usual recommendations (diet, exercise, etc.), it's also important to add a touch of humor to your life. Did you know that when we laugh, our blood vessels dilate? When they open wider, blood flows more easily through our veins, carrying much-needed oxygen throughout the body, and our blood pressure drops. All this means that our hearts don't have to work too hard.

3. We become less aggressive. In tense situations, a little humor is often better. We've all experienced one of those deadly moments of silence after an uncomfortable or unwanted comment, and it's at these times that negative emotions like anger and aggression can emerge. Funny phrases that provoke laughter can calm the atmosphere and clear things up, preventing the situation from escalating.

4. Strengthen the immune system. You may be surprised to learn that when we laugh well, we increase our antibodies, which help our bodies fight infection and disease. The more antibodies we have, the sooner we will get rid of the flu and the less we will get sick. Experts confirm that laughter improves our general quality of life and helps to cure disease. So the saying "laughter is the best medicine" is true!

5. It makes us more sociable. Laughter can also help us in our personal relationships - not only with people we already know and with whom we feel comfortable, but also with strangers and people we barely know. When we share funny moments with other people, we tend to open up more and talk more about our personal lives afterwards.

Another thing to keep in mind - research shows that laughing is 30 times easier when we have company, so arranging to meet up with friends and have a laugh is almost guaranteed.

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