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OPINION| Why is our government so desperate to vaccinate us ?

Why are they so desperate to vaccinate us, we have the right to say "NO" but the government is still violating our rights by forcing us to do something we don't want to do. I have never seen a vaccine where by the government is going to the extend of violating our rights. We have the right to freedom of expression, they are well aware that we don't want to vaccinate.Now they're using their power to get us vaccinated at all costs and with force. How can they force us to do something we don't wanna do with our own bodies? Our own government is violating civilians rights when we say no we should be heardOnly three African countries Malawi, Kenya and South Africa are supporting those mandatory vaccines, I don't know much these countries have received from America and Europe. What kind of virus that can only be postponed due to elections? Does this virus somehow has the pause button and you can control whenever you feel like it? We are not stupid anymore, you fooled us once and it is never going to happen. You are failing to control the people that have no right documentations to be in the country, human trafficking and drugs that are being transported every day you are failing dismally on thatIf we can be one and say one word to our government we are the one who elected the current administration, we can not have mixed motion about that matter, even a child can see that is a Global Project to advance certain masters mission they first divide us by jabbing certain percentage, now they want at least to get 70 % of the population vaccinated very unfair even us who vaccinated we don't wish to protect the rights for those who are willing not to do, if am vaccinated why should I be scared, of something that am protected to be sick off because of the viral guard in my body. Let unite and do one thing as South African

The government serves the people, the people do not serve the government, the people say no, and the government must comply because the accination does not prevent you from getting it or spreading it, so what is the point of the vaccination? Everyone I know who got vaccinated now have health problems they never had before

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