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3 Popular Fruits That Diabetic Patients Should Eat Moderately Or Avoid Because Of Their Condition

As a result of their medical condition, diabetic patients in Nigeria are continually exposed to the perils of half-truths and incorrect information about what should be consumed and what should be avoided. Due to a lack of access to appropriate health providers, some diabetic patients in the country also suffer tremendously.

Diabetes is a medical condition in which the blood sugar level is abnormally high. There is a common misperception that eating too much sugary food causes all types of diabetes. This isn't completely accurate.

Type one and Type two diabetes are the two most common kinds of diabetes.

Genetic factors, as well as environmental ones such as virus infections, are the main causes of type one diabetes. When the body's immune system (defense system) attacks and destroys the beta cells that make insulin, a hormone that helps eliminate excess sugar from the blood, type one diabetes develops.

When the pancreas is damaged or surgically removed, type one diabetes can develop.

When the pancreas, the organ that makes insulin, is no longer able to create enough of the chemical, type two diabetes develops. As a result, the blood sugar level rises to an unsafe level, which can lead to serious difficulties in the long run.

Family history, age, fat levels, race, and ethnicity are all risk factors for diabetes.

Increased thirst, frequent urination, hunger, weariness, and blurred eyesight are among symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes might manifest with no symptoms in some circumstances.

Now that we've established the definition of diabetes, as well as its risk factors and symptoms, let's move on to three prominent African fruits that, if consumed without moderation, might exacerbate diabetic symptoms.

Garden Egg No. 1

Garden egg is a favorite fruit among Africans, who believe it can help them lose weight by lowering their blood sugar levels. However, many people are unaware that eating too much of the fruit might aggravate diabetes symptoms and lead to severe health crises.

Excessive consumption of garden eggs can result in a sharp drop in blood sugar levels, which is a dangerous health condition that can result in death. Diabetes sufferers should exercise extreme caution when eating a garden egg.

2. Fruits that are high in sugar, such as bananas and watermelons.

Most sugary fruits, including bananas and watermelon, should be avoided by diabetics since they contain a high sugar content that can cause hyperglycemia, a disease defined by an excess of sugar in the body.

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