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MUTORIRO - The Drug That Keeps You Awake For Up To 5 Days - Zimbabwe's Drug Abuse Problem

Mutoriro is a drug popularly used in Zimbabwe, mutoriro it is the local name for crystal meth.

It has become very popular amongst teens in Zimbabwe, especially Street kids or homeless individuals.

The reason it has become very popular amongst that demographic is because as a homeless person you constantly have to husle for food. But once you have consumed mutoriro, you get into a zombie state that keeps you awake for up to 5 days and prevents you from eating or even bathing.

The drug has an effect that will keep an individual from sleeping, eating or showering. This extends the number of days someone can go without eating.

In an interview conducted, one homeless person stated that the only reason they consumed the drug was to avoid eating as food was not readily available at all times.

The effects that this drugs has are very dangerous and can lead to death, it is not a normal occurrence for an individual to stay up for 5 straight days without eating at all.

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