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Skin Care

There Is Only One Tribe That Has Smelly Feet - Opinion

A person's feet can get them from point A to point B, but they suffer from aches, pains, and odors along the journey.

While most people have smelly feet from time to time, some people are afraid to remove their shoes.

Bromodosis is the medical word for stinky feet. The good news is that there are a variety of treatments available to help lessen the disease's occurrence.

Here are a few crucial factors to remember about stinky feet. The main article contains more information and details.

Bacteria and dampness are the primary causes of stinky feet in the majority of cases.


Smelly feet aren't normally a medical issue, but they can have an impact on a person's interactions with others and make them feel self-conscious.

Bacteria that reside on people's feet are a normal part of their lives.


Bad odors might arise when bacteria eliminate waste from breaking down lipids and dead skin cells.

Socks and shoes can induce foot sweating, making smelly feet even worse. There are a few things a person can do to prevent the occurrence of smelly feet caused by their footwear:

Socks are number one.

Socks can be worn at any time to help with smelly feet. Socks, particularly those made of moisture-wicking materials, can absorb sweat and help to eliminate odors.

They're also simple to replace, minimizing odors that would otherwise stay within a person's shoes.

2. Footwear

Shoes with some breathability can aid in the reduction of perspiration and dampness. People can search for shoes with mesh panels, which allow for more airflow.

Plastic shoes (such as "jellies") nearly always contribute to stinky feet since they are not breathable and encourage foot sweating.

Having smelly feet is awful, especially for those who get to be the ones who have to smell them. According to some, Zulu men have feet that smell awful. Could this be true?

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