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Prevent Diabetic Leg Amputation from Nerve Damage by Implementing these 3 Diabetic Care

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a term that refers to a group of disorders in which excessive blood glucose levels harm neurons, kidneys, eyes, and blood vessels over time. Diabetes can also make it harder for the body to fight infections. When diabetes is not effectively controlled, organ damage and immune system dysfunction are likely. Diabetes patients frequently suffer foot problems, which can soon become serious. Diabetes patients have a higher risk of lower-extremity amputations, and the main reason is diabetic peripheral arterial disease, which is hastened by high blood glucose levels causing direct damage to nerves and blood vessels. Collagen synthesis is also hampered, which slows wound healing.

If you have diabetes, there are three things you should do.

Examine your feet on a daily basis for blisters, cuts, cracks, sores, redness, discomfort, or swelling. Use a hand mirror to see the bottoms of your feet if you have problems reaching them. If holding the mirror is too difficult, place it on the floor or ask someone to assist you.

Avoid tight-fitting shoes, high heels, and narrow shoes that crowd your toes by purchasing shoes that fit appropriately. Purchase shoes in the larger size if one foot is larger than the other. Your doctor may recommend orthotic shoes, which are specifically constructed shoes that fit the exact shape of your feet, cushion your feet, and distribute weight evenly on your feet.

Regular, moderate exercise has a number of health benefits, including increased blood flow. Improved blood flow to the legs aids in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. If people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy increase their physical activity, they may see a reduction in their symptoms.

Diet; Eating a well-balanced diet can assist diabetics control their nerve discomfort. People can prevent further harm and lessen underlying inflammation by consuming the correct foods to help control blood sugar levels.


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