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OPINION | I do not agree with Makhura on the mandatory vaccination option

So you threatening people, this was always gonna be mandatory so don't act as if yall didnt sell this corporation. Why didn't he say that rubbish before elections? I think as the people we really need to wake up now and revolt against these evil looters, destroying our lives and economy. Vaccine doesn't prevent infection so what's the point of forced vaccination? This useless government thinks it is above the law and could do anything on freedom of choice rights. Greedy premieres who are empty handed in medical field but want to act like they are not eying for vaccines business. If people aren't vaccinating now what makes you think they will vaccinate because of a mandate, they'll just stay home and refuse to be forcedThis is becoming a serious human rights issue, if they’re going to force vaccinations onto everyone then they need to at the least offer compensation, and full financial support to anyone that suffers an adverse reaction and/or dies. They failed to protect life esidimeni's and your master failed to protect Marikana employees and now you act like you care, about the people while you know you are doing it on behalf of vaccines producers. David Makhura don't you think if many people don't go for vaccination then the Democratic process would have been achieved, because the voice of the majority would have prevailed. Going the route of mandatory vaccination will be an action to bully the majority. For the 3rd time, how can a person who had not been vaccinated, and does not have Covid-19, be held responsible for spreading the virus, and for new mutations thereof? Do that and this country will see something that the ANC didn't experience in the pastWhat is the meaning of your word' mandatory, why not make it mandatory for China to tell the world the truth behind this ? Why are those who got vaccinated still test positive, you have an evil agenda to actualise via this vaccine but it has already failed. Try to force that your evil poison on people and see the reaction from both above and beneath

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