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In shock: This is how variants are created: The vaccinated people are the ones causing the variant


This is how a variant is created 

I must say I never saw this one coming. The Covid-19 has really messed up our lives and to think one should take endless vaccine jab everyone the variant is created, it makes one wonder when will this end .

A video of a guy who seemed to know more about science and being part of the science team on Covid-19 was shared . In that video the man was explaining how useless it was for those people who have already vaccinated. According to him, the vaccine endures antibodies with a standup against Covid-19 to be able to fight it. This makes the virus to be on the run. Once the virus run it changes and shift and create a variant. 

He said the variant can not be stopped with the vaccine endures antibodies. In simple term, when a new variant is identified, remember we first had a different variant named Delta. Now the vaccine was made based on Delta and people’s immune systems according to that variant. Now with this new Variant, it means those who already took first and second jab of the Delta Variant considered to be not vaccinated.

Those vaccinated now will have to be vaccinated again for the new variant as they becomes the first risk people when comes to this variant. People are still advised to vaccinate but before you can do that, please take your time Torsten to this audio. Vaccine will now work like HIV medications where you have to take each pill everyday .The vaccinated people are the ones causing a variant and if we continue getting vaccinated, we will have different variants each time .

stay alert.

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