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“He is Not Like Zuma” Here is Who Footed David Mabuza’s Medical Treatment Bill in Russia

Many people have been curious and asking how and where did David Mabuza get such money for funding his medical treatment trip in russia?

Many might not be aware but he was away for quite some few weeks, and compared to Zuma's hospitalization cost of nearly R500k for a brief stay, what did it cost him? Was tax declared on this income? Many questions are still left unanswered.

David Mabuza has been experiencing some certain health issues for some time and he decided to travel to Russia for his medical check up and treatment so it doesn’t get worsened.

David Mabuza hasn't been well since he was Mpumalanga premier. He has been receiving treatment from Russia since then. At some point, the Zumas helped him visit Russia for medical attention when he was severely ill.

Now that he’s receiving such treatment from a well developed and standard environment, many knew that the cost of the treatment will be high and many have been asking who was footing the bill.

According to David Mabuza himself, he made it clear that no one has been helping him to foot his bill but he is the only one footing his own bills by himself without anyone’s help.

He had been out of the country for nearly a month in July and therefore the money used to cover the entire trip was his, he says. If just in case you furthermore may are wondering on how the prices are settled, there you've got it, ask no more.

it's like our Deputy President is basically loaded with cash indeed. Unlike the previous President of the country, Mabuza was ready to settle his bills anytime and anyday. But as for Jacob Zuma, the state will need to help him.

It’s quite amazing how he used his own funds to foot his own medical bills unlike other people.


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