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7 ways to deal with distress than running to alcohol and drugs

Dealing with distress is very difficult especially since the pandemic has started.

Casey Radle, a therapist who deals with anxiety and depression once said, "By its very nature, distress is great pain, acute suffering and extreme misfortune".

Distress is a serious pain that can hijack your ability to think straight. When your thinking brain is offline, just know that you are experiencing a serious issue and that is out of control.

Many run to alcohol in order to deal with distress and depression. It is very difficult to deal with something you didn't expect to happen and it might be scary too.

Here are some ways to help you deal with distress

▪ Firstly you need to honor your needs

▪ Practice different perspectives

▪ Try to ground yourself

▪ Listen to songs that help you feel better

▪ Take a walk to clear your mind

▪ Surround yourself around people you feel safe and comfortable with

▪ Make sure to focus on what you want and avoid looking more on what you don't want.

Always have a positive mindset and never give up on yourself.

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Casey Radle


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