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Definitely eat celery once a day, many diseases will remain away

 Benefits Of Ajwain: If your stomach is suffering from stomachache then celery is the cure for it. In the event of gas, indigestion and constipation, eating celery mixed with black salt provides instant relief.

 Consuming celery keeps the weight under control.

 Benefits Of Ajwain: In today's busy life, people are not able to take care of their body at all. In such a situation, people are falling prey to many diseases. Due to poor lifestyle, most people are falling prey to diseases like obesity, acidity and gas. The special thing is that people also spend a lot of money to keep themselves fit. But do you know that some things kept in people's homes are such, by the use of which they can get relief from these diseases. Yes, today we are going to tell you about one such thing. Actually we are talking about Ajwain, which is found in every household. You can keep yourself away from many diseases by using celery. Let us know in which diseases celery is beneficial and how.

 Ramban is celery for stomach ache

 If your stomach is hurting then celery is the panacea for this. In the event of gas, indigestion and constipation, eating celery mixed with black salt provides instant relief. This is because celery contains a compound called thymol with antispasmodic and carminative, which helps in removing gas, indigestion and constipation in the body. Eating this gives instant relief to the human being.

 Beneficial for asthma patients

 Celery kept in the home is considered a very effective medicine for asthma disease. People who have asthma must eat at least one teaspoon of celery every day. Actually, celery is found in plenty in its anti-inflammatory properties, which is believed to be effective in relieving asthma. In this case, asthma patients are advised to consume celery.

 Does weigh less

 Consuming celery keeps the weight under control. Soak one spoon of celery in water and keep it for overnight. After waking up in the morning, boiling this water and adding a little honey to it, the body gets benefit by drinking it.

 Relief is found in the pain of gathiya

 If someone is troubled by gout disease, he should use celery. For this, first boil one cup of water and then mix one spoon dry ginger in it. After this, tie celery in a cloth and soak it in this water. After this, fomenting on the place where the gathia is present in the body provides relief.

 Pimples are removed from celery

 If you have pimples in your mouth and you are not getting any benefit after using many things, then you can use celery. To remove the pimples, make a paste with celery powder and wherever in the mouth, apply the paste. After some time take some of the mouth with cold water. Applying celery paste gives instant relief to the pimples.

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