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OPINION| For the first time I agree with AfriForum that vaccine mandates are unjustifiable

AfriForum's Ernst Roets says coercion is dangerous, regardless of its subject matter: "We should not be giving the government consent to use it in an increasingly expanded array of situations. Vaccine mandates are unjustifiable in a free society ~ SOWETANLIVE you AfriForum this mandatory thing is unfounded this vaccination thing should be a personal choice, otherwise wear mask, sanitise frequently and observe social distancing. For the time in my entire life I agree with AfriForum and will support them. Is Cosatu really there for the working class and the poor ? but what I like about afriforum it fights for it's constituency no matter what rather then these sellouts. Afriforum is on the right path, congratulations in advance for winning 2024 elections. I haven't heard a political party or any civil group taking a bold step to defend the rights of the citizens like Afriforum is doing now

All the political parties are still sleeping with their weapons in the hands, they should be defending this draconian push by government for taking away human rights, I never thought I would ever agree with Afriforum the past 2 days I heard Piers Morgan defend South Africa, and now Afriforum is standing up for the country to defend human rights. I don't know if all this is real or covid has fried my brain. The constitutional rights are in place for the living of South Africans to abide by laws and have freedom rights. If this government can break those laws then us as citizens can break laws too and no jail or charges can be laid upon us. Why should we abide by laws when the government does not, all I'm saying there is going to be a huge unrest in South Africa very soon if this government doesn't stop servicing their pockets, and start working with the people they will soon know the strength of people when we start uniting against the government. Bodily autonomy is universal right lawyers or not we are within our rights to refuse vaccines and no need to threaten our future, at work places threatening us is coercion

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