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Health Benefits Of Eating Bananas Mixed With Cinnamon.

Bananas aren't only one of the most popular fruits it the world and well known for their delicious taste, but they're packed with nutrients and can promote our health many different ways. Cinnamon is also extremely popular and used in a number of different recipes, and many see it as the most popular spice in the world. Again, like bananas not only is it delicious, however it is extraordinarily healthful and has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries. When combined and consumed together these ingredients become a nutrient and healthy promoting powerhouse. You do not need to eat in large amounts either, as 1 banana and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon is more than enough. 

Health benefits of eating bananas mixed with cinnamon:

1. A combination of bananas and cinnamon provide many different nutrients and are very nutrient dense. This is why you do not need to eat them in large amounts to obtain their health benefits. Bananas contain many essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for our body. They also contain good amounts of dietary fibre and several antioxidant compounds. Cinnamon is also packed with healthy compounds and nutrition. Not only is cinnamon high in compounds that provide medicinal properties but it's also packed with antioxidants. 

2. Bananas combined with cinnamon can also help to enhance blood sugar levels, which is useful for those people with diabetes or those you may be at risk of developing diabetes. Bananas specifically contain nutrients that assist to moderate and regulate blood sugar levels. This is because bananas contain high levels of pectin and more unripe varieties are high in resistant starch. They are also lower on the glycemic index and show not cause major spikes in blood sugar levels like other foods can. Cinnamon can also be very useful in this regard. Cinnamon can assist to lower blood sugar levels and has effective anti-diabetic effects. It has useful outcomes on insulin resistance, can lower the amount of glucose that enters the blood after consuming and can slow down carbohydrates breakdown in the digestive tract.

3. By eating bananas and cinnamon regularly, it can also offer benefits related to digestive health and assist to alleviate risk factors that can lead to digestive ailments. The high levels of dietary fibre in bananas can help to enhance digestion a number of different ways. As well, the resistant starch found in unripe banana varieties escapes much of the digestive process and can make its ways to the large intestine. This allows bananas to assist good and useful bacteria in the intestine to thrive and promote digestive functioning overall.

The fibre and pectin in bananas may also protect against colon cancer. Cinnamon is also useful for digestive health. Not only does it contain effective anti-inflammatory properties that can lessen inflammation through the digestive system, but it also has powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal property as well. This allows cinnamon to slowdown the growth of unwanted micro organism in the man that can compromise the digestive process and digestive functioning.

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