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The woman who has 44 children at the age of 38 years

The woman from Uganda has given birth to 44 children at the age of 36 ,then doctors advised her to not have any more kids as she experienced complications during her last delivery process

The woman from Uganda known as Mariam Nabatanzi was married when she was twelve years old. She got pregnant the following year at the age of 13 years, during her first pregnancy she gave birth to twins and from then she had 5 sets of twins. The had also 4 pregnancies of twins and 5 pregnancies of quadruplets.

The twins from her first pregnancy were followed by triplets and quadruplets. Mariam has huge ovaries that is she could carry so many babies at one and have multiple births. This woman has 44 children in total but 6 of her children did not live due to her carrying many babies at once.

Her husband left her and she is raising the 38 children on her own and she says that it is difficult and challenging for her as per day the family uses about 25kg of maize meal and they do not usually eat meat and fish as her family is too big and she is struggling financially.

Mariam's older child is 23 years old and he quit school due to his mother not having money to pay for his education. Her eldest children help her out with doing laundry and cooking for the young ones.

Mariam had multiple births due to her genetic conditions and she has large ovaries. So doctors cut her uterus as she claimed so that she can no longer be pregnant.

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Mariam Nabatanzi Uganda


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