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[Opinion] Health Alert:What you should know when your neck looks like this

Back in high school I used to see a lot of children with necks that look dark like the above picture but I found the real reason for this.

A lot of people just thought it was a dirty neck due to poor hygiene, I used to see a lot of children would be teased back in high school for having dirty necks, my cousin also had a problem of his neck also looking like that.

Different things were tried to clean his neck, they would scrub his neck every day and sometimes they would use powder soap to wash his neck but none of this ever worked, because a neck looking like that has nothing to do with hygiene but it is a condition.

This is a condition called "Acanthosis Nigricans" which is a symptom of insulin resistance, and a sign that you may soon be diabetic this can also be a sign that you are Obese, or have a Thyroid, or Pituitary Disorder,

The best thing to do when you or your child have a neck like that is to go and check up with a doctor, so that the doctor can do a thorough check up on what may have caused this problem, do not try different skin products that are not medically authorised by doctors.

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Acanthosis Nigricans Obese Thyroid


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