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344 people tested positive for covid19 in the last 24 hours

Since the election campaigns became tense ans when people started to go out and vote, we saw that the number of positive cases recorded in a single day were very law and this could be that people were out busy with the campaigns. Nobody was going to test for the virus. They were campaigning even when they were sick.

Now that we are done with the elections and people can now calm down, we might see more and more people going to test for the virus and we might just start to see the numbers going high again. We should be ready for anything in this country.

In the last 24 hours, the number of cases reported is 344 and the number of death reported is 23 bringing the total death toll to 89 220.

The number of active cases we have in the country is 18 349 with just a recovery rate of 96.3%. The number of vaccines administered in the country is standing at 22 799 682.

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