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OPINION | One billion vaccines from China ? I think Africa must turn down this offer

Why donating to Africa? They sell to South Africa this small taxi { inyathi etc} we don't fit into such public transport, we don't need their donations let us solve this matter our African way enough of China made. The vaccines are most welcome provided they are not accompanied by another Covid19 variant.  After they have grabbed the Ugandan airport, most African countries will be afraid of accepting this donation because China would end up grabbing their livesThis countries are trying everything to take Africa,wise people can see they main aim it was for Africa.It just they are coming indirect. Only Tanzania can say no the lest African countries will accept I feel sorry for our leaders have forgotten our history they see this as a Bioweapon? they can't remember our ancestors who were killed during world wars, think about millions of Jews who were killed at concentration camps. Poor Africa is a dumping side as our leaders are corrupt and likes money, lets wake up otherwise we will die like flies. Do we Africa ever promise this people some vaccine? So we Africans are good for used stuffs but this European, American, Chinese they will never use vaccine or product manufactured in Africa as they seem them inferior. It seems most countries wants to fight, destroy and colonize South Africa, but since we aren't provoking anyone they try to find a friendly way to defeat us. continent. South Africa is at war without knowing it or we are being sold by our leaders. So they just want to own Africa because it is very clear if this virus had originated in Africa in the first place they would have shut us out but keep looting our natural resources, African leaders have really sold thisWe are finished as Africans because even our leaders have not put or even reasoned why one strain of Covid19, keeps popping up and now the worst one seems to have been launched already in south Africa, and many more African countries. If this is a strategy to eradicate Black Africans, then this is the time because coming to 3 years down the road, no government is having the capability of even identifying or even funding a home grown research centre for combating another disease, leaving alone COVID19

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