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What Cause Depression and Suicide

Ever since we've been on pandemic since 2020 the is high rate of depression and Suicide. Each and every day people commit suicide because they loose their job,cars,home it's bad. Now you don't have a job,food,can't pay rent ,school fees. It's become too much then the person decide to take his or her life many people die because of depression they took their lives. Too much responsibility and you can't face it and the only solution you see is to commit suicide

As the country people are dying each and every day,fighting depression depending on medication to survive.. Instance things become better they are getting worse everyday people are getting retrenchment.

People are drowning within depression SADAG each and everyday they are receiving high number of calls from people who are depressed they are on a verge to kill themselves. It's hard to ask help because eveybody is going through a lot you scared people will ignore you,you want to numb the pain and you do what is best for you at that moment leaving your children behind we are in a sad country and that there is a lot that's happening

If you going through a lot try to seek professional help therapy,SADAG is the 24/7 to listenamd try to help. There is medication for depression that can help you to keep going and be calm..Seek help now today I'm talking to you.

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