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Fatigue Causing Foods You Should Avoid.


Our energy levels can be affected by many things. We may not be getting enough sleep to cover the demands of our busy daily schedule, or we can be over taxing our bodies at the gym, work or at home taking care of daily activities. Stress can also play a role. Commonly, our energy levels our affected by the foods we consume every day as this can have an outstanding effect on us.

Many people find that after some meals, their energy levels are greatly diminished. This may be because the foods we're consuming regularly are actually causing increased feelings of exhaustion and fatigue. Please note, many of these foods do have health benefits for us, but if fatigue reduction is your goal, you may need to make a different choice when it comes to your diet.

1. Red meat can cause us to feel more tired and increase fatigue, even though it does contain nutrients such as iron. This is due to the fact most red meats are very high in fats, especially unhealthy saturated and trans fat. These fats are especially hard for our bodies to break down and might cause unwanted and unnecessary stress on our digestive system.

As well, since these nutrients are often hard to break down, we're more weighed down once we eat it. Because of this, our bodies must now work harder and expend more energy during the digestive process to access the nutrients red meat contains, which has been proven to increase fatigue and leave us feeling drained.

2. Pasta actually increase levels of fatigue. This is because when we eat pasta such as spaghetti or lasagna, it caused an immediate rise in our blood sugar levels, which then causes a sudden drop in insulin levels. This sudden drop will cause fatigue and weakness once we eat pasta. As well, the high amounts of sugar and flour in pasta may also cause drowsiness, but this has been proven to be rare in most cases.

3. Salmon is quite healthy overall for our bodies and has many nutrients that are important for our overall health. Unfortunately, for people who are trying to reduce levels of fatigue, salmon may make this issue worse.

This is because it contains rich levels of vitamin B6 that triggers the sleep hormone melatonin. This can make us feel more exhausted and decrease energy when consumed. However, if eaten in moderation with energy promoting foods, it can assist alleviate some of these fatigue symptoms.

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