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A New Deadly Virus has Been Discovered and Has Been Spreading Quickly. Here is its Name and Symptoms

They’ve been news about a latest virus which has been spreading of lately in some areas of the world. Some say it might be the same as COVID-19 and likes but it’s different.

Marburg Virus

Marburg is a very fatal virus newly found or discovered, specifically attacking the breathing system in the human body. The BBC reviews that the illness is very contagious and spreads quickly. Also, it was first detected or discovered in Guinea while one person had Marburg virus symptoms.

According to some verified sources, it was found in Guinea that’s exactly the same place where Ebola virus was first discovered which hand killed many people then.

WHO’s African director said it has a very high potential to spread far and wide quicker than other viruses.

As soon as a food or anything that contains the marburg virus is ingested, the person develops respiration troubles and problems making him or her unable to breathe freely.

The illness has signs and symptoms similar to Ebola, which killed loads of humans most especially humans living in western Africa and reportedly suffered from the Marburg virus shortly after contamination. Laboratory checks showed that in the few hours he was exposed to the Marburg virus, issues and problems then occurred in his respiratory system.

Sources says that it is caused by bats just like the Ebola virus. A lot of sicknesses are frequently caused by fruit bats according to WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION.


The symptoms are: Nausea, vomiting, chest pain, sore throat, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

It spreads to humans through fluid trade. Caution need to be taken by each person and make contact with with people with respiratory troubles, flu or sneezing, amongst other issues have to be prevented. Those are the symptoms of the infection in Marburg. (The BBC's)

Source: WHO

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