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Sangoma left everyone with a lot to say after he shot his son with a gun in the stomach

Sangomas are know to be traditional healers in many African cultures. Many people believe that Sangomas are able to communicate with people who have passed away.

However people on social media were stunned, as a Sangoma demonstrated the power of his medication (muthi). It was very interesting to see that the Sangoma used his son to show the power of his medication.

According to this Sangoma he used his medication on his son and then shot him with a gun to show that nothing will happen to his son after he shoots him. The Sangoma then shot his son and surprisingly it seemed as if his medication really worked as his son went unharmed after he shot him.

Some people on social media however found this hard to believe as they said the Sangoma did not use a real gun. Some even said that the Sangoma used those gun that are used in movies. To other people however it seemed very really, because when the Sangoma fired the gun shot we could see the shirt of his son moving.

This was convincing enough to some people as they believed that the medication of the Sangoma is really working. 


From the video it seems as if the Sangoma's medication is working and if that really is the case then this Sangoma should use this medication of his for a good cause. Maybe using his medication on police officers to protect them from the danger that South Africa is facing, as there are criminals in South Africa with guns and aren't afraid to shoot police officers.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made about this whole situation.

To watch the video of the Sangoma shooting his son click on the link below.

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