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Ways Your Vagina Changes as You Grow

1. There are problems with your [email protected] (female private reproductive organ).

Your organ, like the rest of your body, deteriorates with time. You notice a change in your body's appearance and functioning as you approach menopause. Drought and sagging of the skin are common at this stage of life. Changes in your sexual and urinal habits are natural, but they can be uncomfortable.

The Air Is Very Dry

When you're pregnant, your uterus produces estrogen, which maintains your vaginal tissues hydrated and pliable. When estrogen levels drop during menopause, these delicate tissues are left exposed. Dryness is a distressing sign of menopause. Intercourse can be uncomfortable, if not painful, as a result of it. Use a water-based lubricant to reduce friction. Having sex on a regular basis will help you keep the moisture you do have.

3. There's a lot less hair.

Hair grows over a period of time before shedding on its own accord. As you become older, your hair's growth cycle shortens. Your body's primary hormone shifts from estrogen to testosterone as estrogen levels decline in the body. Testosterone is to blame for hair loss. When you lose more hair than your body is able to replace, you'll notice thinning areas. Your mind and body may be affected by it.

There is a drooping of the eyebrows.

Your uterus, bladder, rectum, and [email protected] opening are all supported by your pelvic floor muscles. Women's pelvic organs droop because of weakening of these muscles associated with menopause and childbearing. Prolapse is the medical term for this situation. A protrusion might occur if an organ descends all the way into the vaginal canal. Devices and medical procedures that lift your pelvic organs can be used to address prolapse.

Your Age Is Catching Up With You

Finding your first gray strand down there might be a nasty surprise, even if you anticipate your hair to become gray as you age. For the same reasons that your head hair grays, your pubic hair does the same. As you become older, the pigment cells in your hair follicles die, and the chemical melanin that gives your hair its color (on top and below) ceases to be made. As melanin synthesis ceases, the hair in the pubic area becomes gray or white.

You have a higher incidence of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Sudden urges to urinate or discomfort when urinating are two signs of an infection of the urinary system (UTI). Some of the bacteria found in the vaginal region are beneficial, while others might be harmful. When estrogen levels decline around menopause, the environment changes, resulting in an abundance of harmful microorganisms. This is why elderly women are more likely to suffer from urinary tract infections (UTIs). Erectile dysfunction can be reduced by using [email protected] estrogen treatment.

It's Your Vulva, Not Mine

It's possible that your vulva, or the entrance and outer lips of your [email protected], are new to you. Some alterations may have occurred down there if you have lately held a mirror to your face. As a starting point, it's noticeably lighter. The lighter tint is due to decreased estrogen levels causing a decrease in blood flow. As a result, the inside of the lips may be drier than before.

Soreness from Séx is one of the side effects

You'll sense a shortage of estrogen when you try to have sex. A painful penetration is caused by a combination of tissue dryness and thinning in the vaginal area. Over time, the delicate tissues may rip and bleed. Fear of pain should not keep you from having a satisfying sexual life. It's possible that not having sex might worsen the problem. Use a water-based lubricant. Talk to your doctor about estrogen treatment or other choices if this doesn't work for you.

Shrinkage is a fact of life.

The [email protected]'s once-stretchy tissues become thinner and less elastic when estrogen levels fall throughout menopause. "Use it or lose it" is undoubtedly the case in this situation. If you don't engage in sexual activity on a regular basis, your vagina may shorten and narrow. So sex will be painful when you do it. If you have a regular sex life (either with a partner or with a sex toy), your vagina will remain supple and limber.

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