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Reasons your ears are always ringing

When you are gifted with the gift of clairaudience the early signs will include ringing ears. The reason for this is because your mind is not used to hearing different frequencies so it transmits them as ringing, as soon as you learn to tune in and use your gift then the ringing will turn into an audible sound or voice that will make sense to you.

Your ringing ears could also be caused by your vibration. When it is awakening and raising you listen to the frequency of different energies. A lot of people can't hear frequencies, as you awaken spiritually you access everything that comes with it including being aware of every sound near you, resulting in you feeling like your ears are ringing.

When the universe sends you information through sound or when you tune in to a higher frequency than yours, your ears will feel like they are ringing because you won't be able to interpret what you are receiving. With meditation, you can learn to tune in and make sense of the ringing sound in your ear.

Your ears can also ring when your ancestors and spirit guides are sending you messages and warnings you are not paying attention to. The ringing symbolizes you not listening meaning you should pay attention to the messages that are being shared with you so you can stop the sound. If you keep ignoring what they are showing you in dreams, visions, sounds, or as a thought then the sound will keep ringing.

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