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New Covid-19 variant is coming and the things it will do to our bodies is scary

Scientists are tracking new variant spreading in the UK that could be 10% more infectious than Delta

thought they were vaccinated ??, I'm vaccinated but I'm starting to think vaccination is a scam , they just injected us with salt water and made billions

Much more, now they also own that body, they'll be dictating what booster it needs and when from now on and won't stop till they own all living bodies, I wont be surprised when they move on to family pets soon

It's not going to end trust me more is coming watch out as world events unfold, starting with the Glasgow cop26 gathering...

Waves and new variants we are honestly so tired, we cannot be held hostage by this virus it's too much. These people want us to continue to live in fear, it has to stop.

feels like a movie with a villain somewhere laughing and busy releasing these different variants, each stronger the the previous one and laughing at the vaccines that are being produced and saying 'you haven't seen my best and deadly yet

And that time we have been removed from the red list,so is this a point where by UK must be suspended when it comes to them going to other countries? But we ain’t gonna win with covid we will leave this earth this virus still a pandemic

This is how the story of locking down SA in December starts. Watch how this new variant story develops into a huge hype that results in us Decembering at homeCrossed fingersAfter the Nov 1st elections....the restrictions will start. This is soo predictable

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