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After Death, 7 Parts of The Human Body Continue to Work And Some Activities Go On for Some Time

There are many secrets surrounding the human body that you are probably unaware of. God designed the human body in such a way that certain portions of it continue to function after death for a period of time. This may appear disturbing at first, but as you read to the end, you will learn about the portions that continue to work after death.

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According to Davida Rappaport, a psychic and spiritual counselor, after the human body dies, it takes several days or weeks for all of the body's systems to stop working. Because of the lack of glucose, the heart stops beating, oxygen transmission to the brain is blocked, and nerve cells die within four to seven minutes after death.

Despite this, some elements of the body continue to work to complete their responsibilities. In addition, some bacteria in the body remain alive and continue to work for a period of time. I'm going to enlighten your thoughts on seven parts that continue to function after death for a period of time. Take a look at the following:

7 Body Parts That Keep Working Even After Death

Here are seven bodily components that continue to function after the body has died.

• Because the bladder empties, mortuary men may observe that a corpse has wet itself or defecated.

• Digestion continues, as microorganisms that promote digestion continue to feast on the body's contents. These bacteria degrade food particles into amino acids and produce a foul odor.

• The kidney, heart, and liver are only alive for 30 minutes before they expire.

• After a few of times, the skin is still intact.

• As the skin shrinks, the hair and nails appear longer.

• There is movement in the muscles. The muscle contracts, narrows, and stiffens as breathing and circulation stop.

• Erection can occur while the corpse is facing downwards, as blood can also flow downwards and fill the organ. As muscles stiffen, the organ stiffens and erects as well.

These are the parts and activities that take place in the body for a period of time after the human body has died. These appear bizarre, yet they are miraculous and enigmatic ways for the body to perform its final mission before shutting down totally.

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