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South African Doctor Mashudu Tshifulora performed a successful surgery to cure deafness

A South African Doctor Mashudu Tshifulora from Venda he is also a well known pastor in his township in Venda, he just became the first surgeon on Earth to successfully perform surgery to cure deafness.

All around the world is mostly siad deafness takes a miracle to hear once you are born with deafness, a God sent doctor from Venda worked tirelessly to make it possible for those who where born deafness and give them the chance to hear again.

On social media it was said such Doctor deserves to be recognized all around the world as the Venda Doctor had proven that anything is possible especially when you take time or patient even to make it all happen.

Anonymous report said the Doctor from Venda spend almost 30 years to master the ear, and all the vibrations that makes the hearing possible.

That was very good of Mashudu to set the deaf free from being not able not to hear, and communication is quite difficult but now it can happen with just a surgery because of the Doctor from Venda.

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