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Department of Health says two teenage boys are yet to be identified while two are still in hospital

The Eastern Cape Health Department says two teenage boys who died at Nyobeni tavern are yet to be identified. Two others in hospital are said to be out of danger. The circumstances leading to the death of the 21 teens are still unknown.

What happened in the Eastern Cape at the tarven is indeed a tragedy and it got many thinking about the future of their children and how to avoid such scenarios from happening ever again

"Children's Rights and freedom of choice is what brings us here.

Some of this Kids are unruly and uncontrollable, sneaked out of their home. Parents are at the dead end, however they still need supervision regardless of how hard it is.

Seeing parents Identifying this kids at the Mortuary breaks my heart.

Your children are yours only and you mind your own business. Times are tough RIP"

"Hopefully the survivors can throw some light on what happened."

"If parents are out there not even know where are their children can't come forth to identify their kids this is totally show how irresponsible they are now.. Since Sunday the whole world is shocked but poor kids dnt have parents even when they are dead"

"Excuse me for the pun but I don't understand how as a parent one will go to bed and sleep peacefully not knowing where their 13 year old son or daughter is so late in the night. We could blame the tarven and owner but at the end the rot began at home. 13 year old is still in primary school for crying out loud."

"There are still some two parents out there who are not aware that their children are dead. These children were living alone. How come they are still unidentified when the bodies were not damaged in anyway. Its very amazing. Even neighbours have not managrd to see that there is a child missing who may have been living alone and the parents are living far away...."

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