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Bill Gates Allegedly Release Basic Information About Coronavirus On His Twitter Handle

Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates, has finally proffered a lasting solution to the problem of Coronavirus. The business tycoon and founder of Bill and Melinda foundation revealed what leaders must do to ensure that Coronavirus becomes history. Sharing the information via his Twitter handle and through his Bill and Melinda foundation website, the philanthropist noted, “Earlier I shared three actions that leaders could take to help the world out of the pandemic. For those who want to go deeper, the @gatesfoundation shares more detail on what’s needed to end this crisis”. Bill Gates is saying that for Coronavirus to end, a rapid vaccination program is necessary. He noted that world leaders must invest in Coronavirus vaccine production if the world must overcome this crisis in no distance of time. Bill Gates lamented that many people in low-income countries are still yet to be vaccinated.

Bill Gates noted that for this virus to be eradicated, there is a need to “Mobilize governments to work with pharmaceutical companies and national regulators to achieve more transparent global production planning, regulatory coordination, and sharing of COVID-19 vaccine doses to increase global supply and achieve global and national targets”. This is the aspect the Bill and Melinda foundation have been working vigorously to ensure. He also added that, “Finance COVID-19 vaccine supplies and delivery for the lowest-income countries.

Commit sufficient funding and doses to ensure that the lowest-income countries have access to enough free COVID-19 vaccines to achieve and maintain global and national immunization targets”. Bill Gates,, who has committed huge financial commitment in the production of Coronavirus, is saying that until a holistic approach is employed by world leaders, then nothing tangible will be achieved. He specified the processes to take in a step by step method that will ensure the total eradication of the virus.

Bill Gates further stated that if the virus must be conquered, then world leaders must “Create a global system for disease monitoring and outbreak prevention that includes rapid testing, information sharing, and real-time analysis to track surges and variants. Amplify country efforts to urgently deliver vaccines to people—alongside other tools and response needs—by boosting financial, operational, and technical support as well as community engagement”. Despite being accused countless times of promoting a conspiracy theory regarding the coronavirus vaccine, the billionaire have continued pumping money into his philanthropy and charity works aimed at eradicating diseases. 

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